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FirstShot Fund Inc. is a reporting issuer with a business model to develop a specialty market of unique concepts for real estate. One concept is to acquire distressed, vacant or listed shopping malls and big box stores located throughout the United States. An outlet mall concept can be used, re-purposing each mall for a specific and targeted industry.

FirstShot constantly scouts new ventures in or related to the real estate industry including mortgage and finance ventures, advertising models for real estate, real estate companies, growback lease programs, real estate auctions, development projects and unique properties.


Brian Lovig
Ron Cannan
Terry Yuck

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Interim CEO & CFO:Brian Lovig
Director:Ron Cannan
Director:Terry Yuck
Corporate Secretary:Lisa Hales

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Listing Llama is a new, exciting and easy to use online tool that connects potential home sellers and buyers with real estate agents in their areas. Listing Llama is ALWAYS free for home buyers and sellers. Home buyers and sellers sign up with Listing Llama by creating a confidential profile, posting their real estate needs and requesting proposals from Realtors. They can explore their options for buying and/or selling their property when they receive realtor proposals, and review and compare these bids for their business. A user can choose to engage in an online discussion with one or more realtors (without divulging their identity) to discuss the proposals. Once a home buyer or seller is confident all of their questions have been answered and they are ready to choose a realtor to work with, they can move forward with providing their personal information (name, address, etc.) to the realtor they choose. We believe the process gives home buyers and sellers the ability to set the expectations and choose and hire the agent that works for them. It also provides our Realtor members with many more opportunities to find new business. They save time and money on costly marketing and networking efforts and ultimately close more deals from successful proposals to home buyers and sellers.

FirstShot Centers

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FirstShot is currently conducting due diligence with respect to the purchase and/or lease with options to purchase of up to 200 existing malls and big box stores in the U.S. to repurpose with a variety of bankable tenants that have been identified.

These mall properties can be converted to themed destination sites where goods and services are not generally available on the internet or in conventional shopping centers. Specialty products can be marketed in an outlet mall environment.

Malls and empty superstores now litter the American landscape and are for sale for between $5 and $25 per square foot. Replacement costs for well located properties, combined with building costs, run to $300 per square foot. Walmart alone has 500 abandoned stores for more than 30 million square feet of vacant retail space: walmartrealty. Nationally, fully half a billion square feet of retail space sits empty, which is the equivalent of 4000 shopping malls. Properties include KMart, Office Depot, Kohl's, Dicks, Lowes Stores and Sears.


FirstShot is a reporting issuer with approximately 30 million shares outstanding.

FirstShot is preparing an offering prospectus with the intent to file a listing application with the Canadian Stock Exchange. The ticker symbol SHOT is reserved.

FirstShot Fund Inc.

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Press Releases

Press Release April 23 2021

FirstShot Fund Inc. “Company" announces a revised business model, sales of US subsidiaries, an acquisition and general corporate information.

Press Release 15 Jan 2020

Corporate growth of the company.

Press Release 13 Dec 2019

FirstShot Fund Inc. (“FirstShot”) is pleased to announce that it has appointed Jamie Lippay as its CEO effective December 1, 2019.

Press Release 23 July 2019

FirstShot Find Inc. announces appointment of chief financial officer and extensions to warrant expiry dates.

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FirstShot Fund Inc. has a service contract with CAS Corporate Governance Services. CAS is a consulting firm that provides advice and assistance in the areas of corporate administration and corporate governance/compliance for public companies. The areas of service for FirstShot includes annual meetings, board and member meetings and preparations, private placements, news releases, administration services, financial filings and regulatory applications and filings. Please go to CAS Corporate Governance Services for further information.

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